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Project Description
LanguageXML is a little .net 2.0 based Toolset (Library and Editor) to add Multi-Language capabilities to your Application. It is using XML-Files for the Language-Data...

Most is written in, but some included Components are C# - so the Solution is mixed Language...

The basic Poject was started at the end of 2007 based on my private needs.

The basic Design-Goals:

  • uses File-Format that can be edited by every User without the need to re-compile any Component
  • is available in Source for Applications (that was something I "needed" at that Time, because I wanted to create an App in that was only one .exe-File)
  • basic Functions (Handle Language-Files and the Values) can be used on (ported to) a Windows Smartphone
  • if possible, 100% managed and Platform independent

So, what happend "before CodePlex"?

The first Version of the Library and a simple Editor was "finished" in early '08. It was based on a simple Dataset using a few Tables and had some features for a very simple (but already recursive) Features to "auto-apply" a Language to a Windows-Form.

In '09 I've started to exend the Library to improve the "auto-apply" to even more Controls on a Form. I also started to create a second (completely new) Version of the File-Editor, because it was not "End-User-friendly". Also the optimized XML-Format for saving the Data was developed in that time - it is much more human-readable and requires less overhead compared to Dataset-Tables saved as XML-File... ;-)

In 2010 (using the current Version at work and in some other Projrcts) I tested the Library with Mono - and got some Problems. Re-Opening the Code reminded me, that it was always planned to be Open Source and free for everyone. So I created this Page...

And today?

The Toolset is in use; the Library itself has no known Bugs at this time.
Some litte improvements must be done on the Editor - for even better usability.

If you plan / have to create Multi-Language in your Apps just give it a try...

ToDo (open Issues):

  • some features I want are still missing
  • not running on Mono yet, Path problems because of wrong methods for creating a path for internal use

Manuel a.k.a. Dade, June 2010

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